12 Ridiculously Expensive Tech Gifts

12 Ridiculously Expensive Tech Gifts

In recent times, tech gifts have become quite popular. However, some are quite expensive. Here, I am going to talk about those expensive tech gifts that you can get in the market.

Soujourner Keyboard – Expensive Tech Gifts

The price if this input device of 7 pounds is around $1000. It is a classic keyboard that you can use for all computers by a USB connection.

C Seed 262 TV

If you are looking for the biggest 4k set, then it has to be this TV. You can have this TV of 262 inches and 1759 pounds for a whopping amount of $159, 000. The installation charge is separate.

12 Ridiculously Expensive Tech Gifts
12 Ridiculously Expensive Tech Gifts

Expensive Tech Gifts – Kaiser Encore

With the price of $1850, this is the most expensive hearing aids. These are perfect for audio studios as well as Smartphones. They come with a detachable cord. There is another model that can cost you around $3150.

FReefly Alta 8

If you are a budding filmmaker and in search of a pro-level drone, then opt for this one. This 8-rotor drone comes with 52.2 inches size, but you can make it to its half by folding it. You can get it for around $17495.

Devialet Phantom – Expensive Tech Gifts

As per the tech reports, this is the most excellent Bluetooth speaker that is made on earth. The silver phantom costs around $2390, while the gold one is $2990. It also has a basic model of the white phantom at $1990 that can provide 750 watts.

Lexus GS 450h

It can cost you around $63000, where you can get a hybrid one within 30 grand. It only runs 34 miles per gallon, which is relatively low.

Pixelbook By Google – Expensive Tech Gifts

This newly launched device of Google is ultra-thin and a hybrid of the laptop as well as a tablet. You can get this device with 8GB RAM, and a touch screen for $999, and the price can go up to $1749.

Boxx Electric Scooter

It is very small for a person, but it comes with two wheels. Available in various colors, it costs around $3797.

H5D 60 By Hasselblad

With the moderate format of DSLR and resolution of 60 megapixels, this high-end camera will sort you around $40, 500. It has been trendy among the buyers from the day it came into the market almost four years ago.

Nixie Tube Clock

Made of cherry wood, this digital clock looks fabulous. It has a price of about $199. This clock comes with a 12-hour display or 24 hours.

Datorbox Gaming PC

This gaming PC weighs around 6.6 pounds and is available in orange and also green color. Love Hulten is the maker of this great gaming PC that will cost you a whopping amount of $2732. It comes with 1TB drive, 8GB RAM as well as 1060 graphics of Nvidia GTX.

12 Ridiculously Expensive Tech Gifts
12 Ridiculously Expensive Tech Gifts

Underwater Drone

Want to explore the world under the ocean? Then opt for this underwater drone made by PowerRay. The most important thing is this drone is controllable from various devices like VR headset, tablet, and also Smartphone. The price begins at 1488 US dollars and can reach 1888 US dollars. It comes with a fish finder that you can detach. It also helps in ice fishing.

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