2016 Technology Gadgets – Know The Top List Of Technology Gadgets

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There are many innovations across the globe, and each year comes to a new technology gadget, not one but many. It is essential to cope up with today’s technology to make the most of today’s world. Check out this list of 2016 technology gadgets and see all those awesome gadgets that you were unaware of. Make sure that if you want to buy any of them, there are new versions available now. 

Drone – £1,150

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Now, you can easily fly without leaving the ground. You can zoom into the heavens at about 50mph speed. This is one of the best 2016 technology gadgets. 

Wifi speaker – £595

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To get a rich and authentic sound, there is nothing better than this wifi speaker. 

Phablet – £719

The apple iphone7 plus was one of the best 2016 technology gadgets. This is waterproof but does not have a headphone jack. 

Turntable – £550

The award-winning UK-made turntable that sounds and looks beautiful. 

Vacuum cleaner – £439

This vacuum cleaner gives the best suction performance with a power pack that allows 40 minutes of cleaning. This should be enough time to clean the house.

VR Headset – £350

The VR headset has low prices as compared to other rivals, and that is built on their powerful PlayStation gaming platform.

Road bike – £13,499

The wireless gears, latest design made this road bike the most wanted 2016 technology gadget. This road bike even has built-in storage for snacks. 

Sports headphones – £65

Sometimes a user is not able to hear background choices, as could the audio they are listening to. So, these sports headphones remove this issue. 

Home-bot – £150

Get hooked on this metal cylinder and listen to the best audio quality home bot -amazon echo. 

Projector – £239

Most of us are tired of watching movies and series on our phones and tablets. This list of 2016 technology gadgets includes a projector that will help us to watch the movies and series without any disturbance.  

DJ controller – £269

This digital DJ incorporates many features like pro-level decks, including powerful software among its very useful as well as best. 

Running watch – £170

For a fitness person, this watch is the best shoulder with a GPS tracking system and heartbeat monitor. His 2016 technology gadget can be worn all day long.

Headphones – £289

The Bose company – sells the best technology. Combine the headphones with V Bluetooth and NFC.

E-reader – £60

The amazon kindle e-reader, one of the best 2016 technology gadgets. You can p[erfectly store everything in your library, unlike other kindles. 

A Final Thought 

All of the 2016 technology gadgets are listed above, and they are still available now. You can buy such technology gadgets easily over the internet.

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