5 Amazing Power Banks You Must Know About

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Maybe you’re not power bank savvy. You know, power banks that can power your phone or other devices on the go. If so, then what are you waiting for? Here are 5 power banks with varying features and prices to help you find one perfect for your needs. So, without further ado, let’s dig in…

Anker PowerCore 10000:

People love power banks because they are powerhouses. They give power to your phone or other electronic devices when you’re out and about, and can charge any device at least once. But what if power isn’t enough? What if you need more than just a quick boost for your phone before it dies again? Or maybe you want something that will last all day without having to worry about the battery draining away as fast as ever before. Then this is the power bank for you! The Anker PowerCore 10000 has 2 USB ports and 10,000mAh which means that it’s not only powerful but also long-lasting. And with its sleek design, there won’t be any problem fitting this charger into your pocket or bag for power on the go.


RAVPower 16750mAh Portable Charger Pack:

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The RAVPower 16750mAh Portable Charger Pack is a great power bank to have on hand. It can be used to quickly charge your devices, and it has a large capacity that allows you to charge multiple devices at once. It’s also lightweight and compact, so it’s easy to take with you wherever you go with ease.

EC Technology 22400mAh:

Another power bank with great reviews, this power bank can give your phone about 3 full charges. Like other power banks, this power bank is compact enough to fit in your pocket and it has a power bank power status LED light. The battery life isn’t as long as the Anker power banks but this power bank is great for its price which starts at $35.

LimeFuel L60X:

This power bank’s been around for a while now but it’s still a fantastic device to have if power bank power to spare. It has a power bank power capacity of 60,000mAh which is enough power bank power for about 10 full charges for your smartphone. This power bank doesn’t have as many features as other power banks but it’s still great to carry around if you’re looking for an affordable power bank that has great battery life.

EasyAcc Monster 20000mAh power bank:

This power bank is power bank expensive but it’s a power bank to consider if you need something powerful. It has a power capacity which can give your smartphone about 10 charges! There are power banks with higher power capacities out there but this power bank is one of the most powerful that doesn’t require a power outlet.

So, what are you waiting for? Get power bank power bank power bank power bank! If you’re not sure which power bank to get, then these five power banks should give you a good starting point. Happy power banking.

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