6 Plane Travel Gadgets For Hassle-Free Traveling

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Flying to short distances is not a big deal but what about long-haul flights? Traveling to a distant place via an airplane is cumbersome and can make you feel restless anytime. Fortunately, certain plane travel gadgets can ease that long journey and help you spend time on the flight in the most comfortable way possible.

Travel Footrest

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A long haul flight can take a toll on your feet and make you experience undeniable pain. This is where a travel footrest comes into play. A footrest can reduce pain or swelling, improve circulation in the leg and feet region, and take off the pressure on the feet. It usually features thick memory foam construction and comes with adjustable straps. Well, a footrest is not complex to use – simply hang it on the front seat, adjust the straps, and put the feet in.

Travel Shelf For Airline Window

If you are someone who always opts for a window seat on the plane, you can’t miss the travel shelf. A travel shelf will offer usable space on the airline window that you can use to hold your stuff like sunglasses, drinks, etc. The portable travel shelf is easy to set up, fold, and remove. While some designs use a suction mechanism, others simply slip into the airline window shade track. Such travel shelves are extremely portable and can be carried hassle-free in a laptop bag or handbag. 

Bluetooth Eye Massager

A Bluetooth eye massager can’t be missed when the talk is about plane travel gadgets that can ease long journeys. Reason – an electric eye massager can reduce stress and alleviate eye fatigue caused due to insufficient sleep, different eye conditions, etc. Such a massager uses multi-frequency vibration and improves blood circulation in the eye and forehead region. This not only cures eye pain or fatigue but also treats eye puffiness and headache. The best part of a Bluetooth eye massager is that you can connect it to your smartphone and listen to your favorite music while enjoying an eye spa.

Portable Power Bank

Make a habit of carrying a portable charging bank on a long flight so as to stay entertained on-the-go. This way you won’t have to search for plug and sockets to charge your devices. A power bank has a high charging capacity and comes with multiple sockets to charge different devices simultaneously. Get a power bank of 50000mAh that can charge not just smartphones but also laptops, tablets, and so on.

Universal Travel Adapter 

If you are traveling abroad, you will definitely need a universal travel adapter. A universal adapter will plug your gadgets into outlets abroad and charge them to make them functional.  Choose a universal travel adapter that comes with multiple outlets and USB slots. It’s wise to buy the adapter featuring 2 or 4 sockets so that you can charge multiple electronic devices from the same socket. Remember to use a travel adapter with only those devices that can handle the voltage change. If your gadgets are not dual-voltage, you may end up with a non-functioning appliance.

E-Book Reader

Bookworms can’t afford to miss an e-book reader. An e-book reader will allow you to read your favorite books on-the-go while offering a comfortable reading experience. Besides being easy on the eyes, e-readers have a large capacity, are extremely portable, and even allow for shareable content. They also make foreign language learning easy and hassle-free.

Tip: Some worth-buying e-readers you can opt for include Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, Kobo Clara HD, and Kobo Libra H20.

Make your next air travel a breeze with these plane travel gadgets!

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