All You Need To Know About The News Gazette

All You Need To Know About The News Gazette

The news gazette is one of the most famous newspapers in Central Illinois. This newspaper is read in eleven countries across the world and has its headquarters in Chicago. However, you will be surprised that the organization owning this famous paper is non-profit. The News-Gazette Media, the owner of this newspaper, also owns many radio stations such as WHMS, WDWS, and WKIO.

News-Gazette Origins

One can trace back the roots of the news gazette to 1852 when the Urbana Union owned it. Afterward, its name changed to Champaign Daily News when it moved to Champaign. However, David W. Stevick showed his interest in this paper in 1919. He was already the owner of another leading newspaper firm, The Daily News.

His interest eventually led him to buy the Champaign Daily News and merged the two companies. The resultant merger created the current name that we all know today.

All You Need To Know About The News Gazette
All You Need To Know About The News Gazette

News-Gazette Recent History

This paper was one of the only few that used to get their main edition published in the afternoon. This process went on up till 2009. However, the news gazette also started publishing a morning paper aimed at the areas of Urbana and Champaign. The afternoon edition paper still went on as it is. However, in the years 2007 and 2008, the company suffered decreasing revenue from print advertising. As a result, it no longer seemed viable to keep two separate editions of the paper. 

Hence, from June 1, 2009, the company stopped the afternoon edition and started publishing this paper in the morning.

Some Interesting Facts

Here are some interesting facts about this newspaper that you should know.

  • This newspaper always prints Associated writers’ special reports on topics related to the national, or the state government.
  • Besides, almost twenty-two to thirty thousand newspapers gets printed every day. However, it depends on the day of the week.
  • The news gazette is the most famous for its sports section. Since many years, among the top sports newspapers in the world. Moreover, Loren Tate, a sports writer, has been continually writing articles since 1965.
  • This newspaper got rebranded with a new name and logo in early 2017. The company changed its name from news-gazette to news-gazette media.
  • Lastly, it holds the record for the most viewed website in Eastern Illinois, commercially. Likewise, around 3.5 million people use this paper’s website each month.
All You Need To Know About The News Gazette
All You Need To Know About The News Gazette

Most Popular Headlines

Here are some of the most popular news published in the paper this week

  • A Champaign man fatally shot another person in the heat of an argument between the two. As a result, he now has to spend 20 years in prison for his actions.
  • In a regrettable accident, a one-year-old girl succumbed to wound to her chest inflicted by a pellet rifle. Authorities are further investigating the case.
  • President Donald Trump will ‘Salute to America’ on the Fourth of July, which is the country’s independence day. He plans to showcase fighter jets, tanks, and even a Stealth Bomber to show off America’s military capabilities.
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