Best Travel Trailer Gadgets to Make your Trip Comfortable

travel trailer gadgets

There are a lot of RV accessories and cool RV gadgets to consider when getting yourself set up and ready to hit the road. But it can be a little overwhelming to know exactly what you need.

Camco RhinoFLEX 20ft RV Sewer Hose Kit

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  • Includes Swivel Fitting and Translucent Elbow with 4-In-1 Dump Station Fitting
  • Storage Caps Included

Holding Tank Treatment – Happy Campers Organic

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  • Odor-free – no chemical smell
  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly

Camco 25ft Premium Drinking Water Hose

  • The heavy-duty nickel-plated brass machined fittings made all the difference for us
  • 20% thicker than standard hose

Water pressure regulator – Camco Brass Water Pressure Regulator with Gauge

  • Allows you to see the pressure on the gauge
  • Attaches easily

Heated drinking hose – Camco 25ft Cold Water Heated Drinking Hose

  • This was one of the new RV gadgets (new to us anyway) we hadn’t considered until someone recommended it after we dealt with a freeze
  • We used this hose in Utah and Colorado when the temps got down to 10 degrees
  • Self-regulating heating cable ideal for water line freeze protection down to -40° F/C
  • Another option for a heated hose is to do-it-yourself. Our heated hose froze one time (you can read why this happened here) and we didn’t want to spend another $100+ on a heated hose. Electrical Connection

RV Surge Protector and Circuit Analyzer – Camco 55301 30 Amp RV Power Defender

  • Our Camco Surge Protector was well worth the investment! The model we owned is no longer available, but this one is similar.
  • Helps protect your electrical equipment from improperly wired electrical boxes and power surges
  • The RV surge protector and circuit analyzer we covered above is similar to one of the first items that Todd purchased (pictured) when we bought our travel trailer home

RV Leveling Kit – Andersen Hitches

  • We’d also put this under the unique RV accessories category because we haven’t seen another product that levels a travel trailer as well as this does.
  • Level your RV, trailer or camper on the first try – for real!

Lynx Levelers

  • As a stable pad for the trailer tongue jack (normally 3-4 blocks)
  • As a solid platform to support our four stabilizer jacks (normally 3-4 blocks per jack)
  • These are lightweight and very durable.
  • For more details about the Andersen RV levelers and the Lynx levelers, read Todd’s post titled ‘Top RV Camping Accessories for Hard-Core RVers‘ where he goes more in-depth on why we like these products so much.

A Quality Cordless Drill

  • If you have a travel trailer and have to manually lower your stabilizer jacks, a drill comes in handy. It helps the setup and tear down process go quicker, not to mention makes it easier than doing it the good old-fashioned way by cranking by hand.
  • When our drill battery was dead, I could hear the guys groaning as soon as they realized they’d have to lower the jacks with their own elbow grease. It’s the little things, right?

Hithport Hitch Bar and Spring Bar Storage Kit

Before these handy little gadgets came into our lives, both the weight distribution hitch and the spring bars were simply stored on the ground under our travel trailer. This required Todd to lift these heavy items from the ground with each move and place them back on the ground when we arrived at a new location.

These are some must-have travel trailer gadgets.

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