Coolest Technology Gadget Gifts of 2021

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Pretty much every single item in your day-to-day life has a high tech equivalent in this day and age. Looking to grow some plants in your one bedroom apartment? Bad posture because of a year or more of WFH? There’s an app for that.

And whether you’re related to a tech lover or married to a gadget guru, the truth is, your loved ones deserve better than a generic gift card. Yes, a thoughtful gift is always better than a trip to the electronics store. Since most technology lovers are already equipped with the basics, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you here. From a water bottle that tracks your hydration levels to yoga pants that are capable of guiding you through your downward dogs and your morning flow—not to mention the latest iPhone and iPad—we’ve gathered a comprehensive list of techie gifts, no matter who you’re shopping for.

IVY Wireless Mini Photo Printer

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Available in rose gold, mint green, and slate gray, Canon’s IVY mini photo printer allows photographers to print 2-by-3-inch photos with peel and stick backing directly from a smartphone.

Smart Dog Collar

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Help keep your favorite pooch healthy and happy with this tech-y collar that comes complete with a GPS tracker and an activity monitor.  

Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

This smart mug keeps your drink at the exact temperature you choose for up to an hour and a half on a single charge. You’ll never have to worry about drinking cold coffee again.

Noise-Masking Sleepbuds

These wireless earbuds tune out annoying night noise with soothing sounds that can lull listeners to sleep in any situation. The Sleepbuds pair with the Bose Sleep smartphone app and come in a brushed aluminum charging case that provides up to 16 hours of battery life.

Smart Garden

Green thumbed technology lovers will quickly fall for this smart garden, in which you can grow fresh herbs and vegetables indoors, thanks to an LED light that can withstand a range of climates.  

Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle

There’s a fitness tracking device for nearly every need, so why wouldn’t there be one for hydration levels? And besides, who doesn’t need a little reminder every once in a while about taking a sip of H2O? This bottle glows when it’s time to drink more water, at specific intervals. Think of this as the easiest way to up your quality of life. 

Tello Quadcopter Drone

A budget-friendly option, DJI’s Tello is a great gift for someone who is just starting out in the drone world. It includes a 5-megapixel camera and can fly for 13 minutes on a single charge.

Wireless Portable QI Fast Charger

This portable magnetic charging system comes with a retractable kickstand, making it ideal for a desk setup and easy to charge while in use. It’s compatible with over 100 different phone models (and can fully charge 2 phones at the same time); an ideal gift regardless of your device. 

Meural Canvas II

Upgrade their collection of fine art with a Meural Canvas. The HD Smart Art Frame renders both photographs and paintings in exquisite detail with an anti-glare finish. Pick from your own collection or an extensive digital library. Bye, empty wall space. 

Sous Vide Precision Cooker

This top-ranked, Bluetooth-equipped precision cooker makes it easy to cook sous-vide like a pro. It heats and circulates water in a pot, allowing you to cook meat, fish, vegetables, and more from edge-to-edge completely evenly.

These are some of the best technology gadget gifts of 2021.

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