Fun New Technology Gadgets To Help You Live A More Comfortable Life

Fun New Technology Gadgets

If you are looking for a fun new technology gadget, chances are you will find some fun gadgets at your local electronics store. Whether you are looking for the latest and greatest television or iPod touch, there is sure to be a gadget available in the store that will meet your needs. Here is a short list of some fun new technology gadgets that you can find in electronics stores:

Touch Screen Cell Phone

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You may have seen a touch screen cell phone in one of those little stores near you. These small touch screens allow you to use your finger instead of a traditional push pad when you are entering numbers into a phone book. Most phones are equipped with some type of GPS unit, which helps you get directions. The problem with most phones is they are too large to fit in a purse.

Digital Camera

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There are many reasons to purchase a digital camera. You may want to document your life or your travels. Maybe you simply want a photo album of your family. Whatever the case, the camera has come a long way. These cameras are more affordable than ever before and allow you to capture photos using just about any means.

Laptop Computer

If you are thinking about going on a road trip this summer, don’t plan your trip around a traditional notebook computer. There are now smaller laptops that provide all the functions of a regular notebook computer without taking up as much space. Some of these computers also have keyboards and mice built right in. These laptops have much greater portability and are great for taking on longer road trips.

MP3 Player

Many people choose to purchase a portable music player such as an iPod or iPhone. Now, you can buy a smaller device that offers all the features of a regular MP3 player but does not take up as much space. With the size and portability of the iPod Touch, the larger traditional mp3 players are now becoming a thing of the past.

Wireless Headphones

A wireless headphone will allow you to listen to music without having wires coming out of your ears. These can be worn behind your ears or along your hairline. They do not use any wires so they are also very easy to carry around. They will allow you to enjoy music through Bluetooth while traveling or when you are on the road.

New Digital Camera

The newest version of the iPod Touch can be used to connect to your home computer via the USB cable. and then it will act as your digital camera. With a special software application you can instantly capture video and have it appear on your iPod.

Cell Phone

Most people use their cell phone for making calls, sending text messages and even for making calls with their laptops. But there are other uses for the cell phone as well. Most cell phones are not capable of making high definition videos and some people use them to send email attachments and files. It is possible to transfer pictures and files directly from your cell phone to your computer and vice versa.

One of the main features of the cell phone is the ability to use it as a scanner. This allows you to scan documents by looking up at the page on the computer screen or by touching a scanner on the inside of your wrist. Just imagine what it would be like to scan a business card and be able to copy the information to a hard copy.

Pocket Computer

The most important feature of any pocket computer is the ability to upload your data directly to the Internet. You can take your old fax machine and email your documents to a website. With the ability to upload documents from the web you can get your old faxes to your personal printer without actually sending them through the traditional mail.


The invention of the cell phone has brought us many changes that we would never have dreamed were possible. When we look into the future we can see that there will be many more fun new technology gadgets to help us enjoy our lives more.

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