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This mystery is two separate deliberations. Gaming is not a skill – it’s a massive collection of skills! It can provide you with routine Professional life.

Just think about it in the simplest way possible – can you get better at playing a game? Yes, you can. And since you can improve, that means that video games contain learnable skills.

However, skills learned from games are not universal. There are numerous variations and genres, all with their specific skills, and not all of them are transferable. Being an expert in one game does not automatically make you an expert in another. If I devoted myself to becoming an expert in Tetris, I wouldn’t necessarily be any good at Call of Duty. However, many games (especially within the same genres) do have some transferable skills. If I play Call of Duty to an expert level, I am reasonably confident I would be competent in many other first-person shooter games.

So, when you’re playing games, you’re developing a wide range of skills across many different types of games.

How Can Gaming Improve Your Professional Life?
How Can Gaming Improve Your Professional Life?

 Benefits Of These Skills To Real And Professional Life?

Since game skills consist of a wide variety of skills, you can’t make a blanket statement about them and how useful they’d be.

Some will be very general over many genres of games and very useful to nearly anyone like:

· Basic math

· Pattern recognition

· Logical deduction

· Teamwork and interpersonal communication

· Hand-eye coordination

· Spatial perception

Some might come from playing specific kinds of game and have particular niche uses like:

· General study skills (like note-taking, finding and memorization of information)

· Ability to study and interpret complex data

· Specific knowledge about real-world subjects (like history or cars or sports)

· Skills based on ‘realistic’ simulation (like learning to drive in Gran Turismo)

· Reading comprehension (via RPG quests, for example)

· Personnel management (via guild leadership, for example)

While some are quite useless for most of daily life like:

· Joystick proficiency

· Specific knowledge about fictional subjects (like Pokemon or Hearthstone cards)

· Skills based on ‘unrealistic’ simulation (like learning to drive in Mario Kart)

Overall, the list of skills one potentially picks up with gaming in long and lengthy and not just limited to what I’ve listed. 

How Can Gaming Improve Your Professional Life?
How Can Gaming Improve Your Professional Life?

Basic Points To Know

There are so many different games, and the rules vary between the genres that it would be hard to get specific. But in general, there are a few things that games have in common.

Games have rules, systems, and a goal. Learning to play games well generally teaches you how to understand policies, understand your resources, and manage them to achieve your goals. In a Real-Time-Strategy game such as Starcraft or Command and Conquer, that’s fairly literal, but even in something like Pacman, you understand the rules (touch a ghost, die, eat all the dots to win), resources (time/space/dots/power dots), and the objective (eat all the dots). So you try to manage your funds by a set of rules to achieve goals.

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