List Of Geek Travel Gadgets

Geek Travel Gadgets

Developing countries are showing much more advancement nowadays, which is benefitting a whole lot of the population. With much more use of technology, more and more variety of products are available. The market forces are even working evenly. The electric items that are manufactured help protect our environment, and the other gadgets that are made available help save a lot of data with live location. Various geek travel gadgets help save up your data; a few of them are discussed below.

Trackstick II GPS Tracking Device

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This tracking device is designed specifically for integration with Google Earth. It acts as a GPS device that allows one to keep a record of all our travels. It’s just a little satellite that keeps the proper maintenance of our record. It has the live map feature, which captures the moments as per the location. It is very handy to use. You can carry it on a belt, in a bag or purse, or any place that suits you up. Many devices keep the complete record, but this Trackstick is more useful as it shows an exact route, stop time, speed, and direction. It even helps in changing the time as soon as we change the location. It’s seen to see what all you captured. It would help if you viewed the life journey of yours.

Tumi Ultra Slim Universal Power Adaptor Kit

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Tumi ultra slim power adaptor kit is the ultimate power tool for mobile computer and electronics users. It’s too beneficial that it just saves your data automatically. It’s too thin and portable that the storage becomes easy and doesn’t need proper covering. Although the price is quite high, its worth won’t let you ever doubt its quality.

Fly Clear Card

The other most effective gadget is the Fly clear card for airline travelers. Although it is not available at all airports each day as per the advancement, they are being added. It allows one to access quickly and easily through obscenely long security lines. It’s helpful for all those who are quite busy with their jobs and don’t prefer long waiting hours. It has cut down around 95% of wait time.

Imation USB Flash Drive Wristband

More advancement towards technology brings new demands from the customers. More than this in the current situation, most long-term travelers will pack at least a USB thumb drive to store software applications, web settings, passwords, etc. Imation Flash Wristbands let you forget about rummaging through your pack or your pockets or worrying about the likelihood that your standard USB drive will get lost or stolen. Now you can wear it right on your wrist. Available up to 256 MB capacity, it’s great as a backup drive. It’s an effective tool to save up your data and give its best to you. It’s very handy to use and won’t cause much trouble for you. It has a large storage capacity so you can easily back it up.


These gadgets will surely help you save your data and make your journey a remarkable one. There are more gadgets available you can choose as per your preference, and with no worries, you can continue enjoying your trip.

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