Luxury Travel Gadgets Worth Investing In

luxury travel gadgets

Certain gadgets make your travel even more luxurious and fun. So, if you are seeking some good gadgets worth investing in for your travel, then here is a list.


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Last year at Baselworld, I fell in love with the Tudor Black Bay GMT. When you work in two time zones as often as I do throughout the year, it’s invaluable to have a watch that can do the math for you. With the dial of a classic Tudor divewatch the Black Bay GMT has a Pepsi bezel calibrated for 24 hours and a snowflake hand for an additional timezone. It’s also made of stainless steel and is waterproof up to 200 meters, which means it’s a true road warrior that can take you from the boardroom to the hotel to the beach.


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I always packed Bluetooth speakers with me. Why? Because for all the technological advances in the hospitality space, it boggles the mind that circa 2008 iPhone and iPod docks still furnish most hotel rooms—no matter how chichi the property is. A few years ago, I was devoted to Jawbone’s Mini Jambox until the company went bust. The good news: My dad, a music enthusiast, recently introduced me to the JBL Clip 3. It’s completely waterproof and features a built-in clip that attaches to showerheads, bikes, backpacks, and more. So if you want to listen to your tunes in that outdoor hot tub, no problem.


It may sound like such an insignificant thing but traveling with a pen is an absolute must. When in transit, you’ll more often than not have to fill out a disembarkation form. And the last thing you need is to scrounge around for one—or bother the flight attendant to borrow hers. So just make like a boy scout and be prepared. Think about it this way: Seasoned passengers who do show up with a pen don’t always love the idea of sharing, especially after a relatively long flight. Personally, I like the Kaweco Classic Sport rollerball because it’s just the right size and it glides through paper. Plus: It’s teeny tiny at 10.5cm—so it fits anywhere.


You must always carry a “go bag” inside your carry-on. Let me explain: When you get to your seat on the plane, don’t frantically fumble around your backpack (or purse) searching for all your in-flight necessities. Instead, pack a good-sized pouch with your earphones, medication, chocolate, lip balm, and whatever else you may need. That way you can simply grab the pouch, toss it in your seat, stow your cabin luggage, and relax. My choice is Montblanc’s clear Nightflight bag, which was initially intended to store liquids. But I like seeing what I’ve got in there, in liquid form or not—it makes it infinitely easier to look for stuff when the cabin crew turns the light down.


This is not to be confused with the aforementioned “go bag.” This particular pouch is actually where I store one credit card and a few foreign bills—enough for a taxi and a meal. And depending on where I’m going, it’s most likely going to hold transit cards as well (such as Hong Kong’s Octopus or London’s Oyster). Sometimes I’ll have a business card or two in there, because you never know who you’re going to run into. Why don’t I just use my regular wallet? You see, my beast of a wallet is typically nestled at the very bottom of my gargantuan purse—to make it difficult for pickpockets. So it’d be inconvenient to pull out the entire thing out and count change when you’ve just landed. So I like to stash my small pouch where it’s easily accessible, such as the outside (or inside) pocket of my bag. Easy peasy.

So invest in these gadgets and make your travel even more luxurious.

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