Most Interesting electronic gadgets to try with

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We live in an age of technology, we see new divides being made and discovered every day. Some, even if not for our normal lives, capture our attention while some make our daily lives a little bit more interesting.

Bioethanol fireplace

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Even though natural fireplaces with chimneys have a different charm, bioethanol fireplaces have come pretty close to recreating that cosy feeling and aura. Acting as a safer and greener substitute for fireplaces, they use burning ethanol (produced from biomass) and have the capability to warm up a room of 20m². The chimneys have been replaced by slightly open doors.

And unlike the fireplaces, this is mobile and easy to carry with you outside as well. It doesn’t release any harmful by-products or odours, ash or dangerous fumes. Table-top ethanol fireplaces are the smallest versions of them and are often used for decoration purposes. 

Ring health tracker

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In the current times, everyone is more concerned about their wellbeing than ever. The self-monitoring kits and fitness bands/watches have taken the limelight in the past few years, but now all of this can be done with a ring as well. The Oura Ring is a tiny device that tracks a host of data to provide a clearer picture of what’s happening inside your body. The rings can track your heart rate, sleep cycles, and activity after which it provides analysis and guidance based on the records.

While with rings a major concern is the size, these come with a ring sizing kit. Along with measuring the time spent in each sleep cycle, it also aptly measures the heart rate and activity; even though the ring isn’t made for fitness tracking, it does a great job at making one conscious of their habits and lifestyle. 

Magnetic phone mount

Keeping phones in a comfortable position is tough, especially while working out or being in the kitchen following a recipe or a call. Magnetic phone mounts come with face tracking which enables it to recognise the face and activate control of the device to follow the movements while shooting pictures or videos. Belkin has recently launched such a product for iPhone 12; Although users will have to download and use the company’s default face tracking app, no other third-party apps would be supported. The app in turn automatically syncs itself with the users’ socials and allows easier usage in the future.


From the rise of Artificial intelligence to Roombas to more compact health trackers, we’re seeing devices being developed to make our daily lives easier and while the products simplify a nominal task, it also adds in an extra factor of technology and using non-standard ways of doing them. And if you are someone who loves to try new gadgets then we expect that you must loved this article.

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