Phone Power Bank

Phone Power Bank That Can Help You To Charge Your Mobile At Ease

The phone power bank is essential equipment for tech lovers, especially if they love travelling with technological equipment. When you are on the way to your travel destination, it is hard to get a socket for inserting the adapter and charge your mobile. But you need not worry if you have a phone power bank with you. This device enables you to charge your smartphone or tablet quickly and refill the life of the battery. You can use it anywhere you like, no matter if you are driving or commuting. Furthermore, the compact and small design of this phone power bank enables you to carry it without facing any kind of problem. You need not spend a lot of space to carry this device to refuelling your gadgets.

Phone Power Bank Mobile Charger

The phone power bank mobile charger supports the protocols of quick charging. If you have an iPhone, then you can easily charge it up. This phone power bank supports up to the latest version of the iPhone. This device is compatible with Type C cable. The key feature of this Type C charging cable is that it can charge the devices in lightning speed. Your iPhone can be charged fully in only an hour. Furthermore, the charger has a built-in intelligent output system. This system protects your iPhone from being over-charged. Moreover, it prevents your battery from getting damaged. Once you have charged this device to its fullest, it can efficiently charge 3 iPhones. Also, the android and other devices that are compatible with Type C charging cable can be charged with this portable charger.


When we are talking about any electronic product, the specification of the product is an essential thing. The customers often decide to buy it after looking at the specifications carefully. This Phone Power Bank consists of a battery with the power of 10000mAh. The battery of the product is a combination of polymer and lithium. The output of the power bank is of 5 Volts. It has a length of 9.8 centimetres only with a width of 6.5 centimetres. This small size of power bank enables you to carry it easily in your pocket. You can charge the smartphones or tablets of Samsung and Huawei apart from the iPhones and the tablets from Apple Inc.

Design Of The Power Bank

The designers of the product have excluded sophistication while designing it. The body of the power bank is made of PP plastic material and fire-resistant ABS material. These two devices are not only comfortable to touch, but the materials are eco-friendly as well. Moreover, one can grip the device easily. When you are using the device, there is no chance that it might get slipped off your hand. Along with that, the product weighs only 185 grams. So, you need not put many efforts while carrying it. Lastly, the product is approved by the national aviation standard. This enables you to carry it with you while you are flying.

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