Screen Time Predicts Delays In Child Development

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How are you going to calm down your restless child?

If you’re anything like the most other parents, then you might be going to hand over a phone or a tablet to your little kid. And suddenly your child calms down concentrating on the device. 

Problem solved. Or is it?

What if this excessive exposure delaying your child’s physical and mental development?

According to a recent study published in JAMA Pediatricstoddlers who spent excessive time on the screen showed significant delays in reaching baby developmental milestones by the next year.

Let’s see what does the study say….

What Does the Study Say?

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In this study, researchers tried to assess if increased screen time is associated with delays in baby development.

A total of 2441 mothers from Calgary, Alberta participated in this study and reported the amount of time their children consumed the contents of tablet, mobile, and computer screen.

The study reveals that a 3 years old child was spending approximately 3.6 hours daily consuming contents off screens and, it is almost 3 times more than the recommended screen time exposure for children aged from 2 to 5 years.

And this puts a negative impact on the child’s physical and mental development. Children who spend an excessive amount of time on screen tend to perform poorly on the developmental screening test and reach baby developmental milestones considerably late.

What Should Parents Do?

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It may seem tempting to keep your restless child quite using a tablet, TV, or other digital devices. But that can be harmful to your baby’s development.

According to an article published on Healthline, Dimitriu said, “Locking devices into specific apps has been hugely beneficial with my own children. It’s our responsibility to decide if apps and shows are truly worthwhile. It doesn’t take much to get a child’s attention, but it’s easier when there are fewer choices.”

You, as a parent, can take several active steps to make sure your child meets all the baby development milestones within proper windows of time.

To ensure your baby reach proper physical and mental development milestones quickly, you can:

  • Watch high-quality shows together with your child. You can explain any important fact about the show and answer the questions of your child. This will stimulate your baby’s development and help them acquire cognitive, emotional, and socials skills quickly.
  • Instead of spending time in front of screens, you can read your child different child books. Children love to interact with new things so why not prepare them in advance by teaching them the morals of life early on? 
  • Spend more time with your children and play with them often. Regularly playing games with your children will ensure their proper physical and mental development. Also, spending time with your children will cement the bond between you and your children more deeply.

In the End…

The study reveals that long exposure to screens can be very bad for your child as it may delay your child’s development.

It’s your duty as a parent to step up and give your children the right direction to be successful in his/her life.

So read your children a book, play with them, and spend more time with them instead of simply handing over a tablet.

This way, you can help your child to be successful.

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