Small Electronic Gadgets You Can Carry Anywhere You Go

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The 21st century has revolutionized in every sense. This includes the digitalization and innovation of essential and unique electronic gadgets. Electronic gadgets have helped to simplify the lives of people. Modern-day technology is developing day by day and a new gadget is developed almost every day. The size of these gadgets varies from being humongous to being as small as a coin. These gadgets increase the productivity of work, allow a better form of communication among people, and are helpful to the younger generation in learning and research. Some of the small electronic gadgets include the following.

Small Electronic Gadgets – Pendragon

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Pendragon is a small ballpoint pen gadget. It has a unique design with multipurpose use of the pen. The pen has four parts. First is the nip of the pen. It is used for writing and can be changed to a ballpoint pen, fountain pen, mechanical pencil, or digital pen. The next part is the central unit. The central unit has a LED light, charger input, music player, battery, and a music card. The third part is the End part. It has a Bluetooth connection that allows any headphones to plug in with the Pendragon. So, any music in the music player can be played in the headphones. Expandable units are the fourth part of Pendragon. Camera, microphone, chop, WLAN receiver, laser pointer, the USB connection can be connected to a computer and/or internet.

Small Electronic Gadgets – Tesla Coil Lighters USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter

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Electric lighters have been revolutionized in many ways to meet people’s needs. The Tesla Coil Arc lighter has an internal rechargeable battery that helps in projecting a windproof electric arc. So, to light fire, this electric arc is produced instead of a flame. It provides 300 lights in one single charge. When the charge is about to go out, plug this device in via the USB charging cable included with it. This Windproof Arc lighter is environment-friendly with no wicks, flints, fluid, or gases. It works smoothly and without any fuss. This state-of-the-art technology produces electric spark under any wind and weather conditions and is safe to use. 

Small Electronic Gadgets – Bellabeat Leaf Health Tracker

Bellabeat leaf health tracker is a portable health tracker. It is beautiful in design and this accessory can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet. This fitness accessory can sync with both iOS and Android to collect the data and statistics of physical activities via the companion app. The Bellabeat tracks the steps taken, calories burned, stress levels, menstrual cycles, sleep quality, among others. The battery of this app can last up to 6 months and it is easily rechargeable.


These small electronic gadgets are useful. Though some of them are more expensive than others; the quality of the gadget is worth the price. You can always make anything and space if you are able to purchase the right electronic gadgets to go with it. When you are making an investment, make sure you choose the right brands to do so.

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