Some Of The Latest Gadgets 2016 For Your Home

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Fans of smart home technology had a fascinating year in 2016. 2016 home tech was diverse, with terrific new products and stellar updates coming from practically every aspect of the house. Google, Samsung, Roku, Nanoleaf, and many others made significant contributions. Whatever way you look at it, 2016 was a fantastic year for smart home technology. Here are some of the latest gadgets from 2016 for your home.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

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Refrigerators don’t always have to be dull. Samsung believes that your refrigerator should be one of the best pieces of technology in your home. With the Family Hub Refrigerator, the company developed a device that lived up to that expectation.

The show-stopper is a massive 21.5-inch touchscreen that serves as both an entertainment system and a means to keep track of your groceries. You can check if you truly need to buy milk even if you’re not at home, thanks to an array of cameras within it. It is the most feature-packed refrigerator of 2016.

Nanoleaf Aurora

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For years, smart lights have been one of the most popular home gadgets due to their combination of utility and relative price. Nanoleaf injects a significant dose of cool into the smart light concept with its Aurora modular panel system. The lights can brighten your home as well as provide a unique art feature to your wall. 

Joule by ChefSteps

Sous-vide gained favor in 2016 as a tasty alternative to grilling and other traditional cooking methods. The advent of the new approach has spawned a slew of kitchen devices, the greatest of which is the Joule. It removes practically all controls and places them in an app on your smartphone, making it exceedingly simple to operate. 

SkyBell HD WiFi Video Doorbell

Skybell’s HD video doorbell offered us a clear frontrunner in 2016. The latest effort stands out from the crowd with its crystal clear 1080P resolution, on-demand clip recording, free video storage, and third-party integrations like IFTTT and Amazon’s Alexa.

Nest Cam Outdoor

In-home security cameras have been available for a long time. Dropcam, which Nest acquired in 2014 and renamed Nest Cam, has long been one of the most popular options. The outdoor version maintains the camera’s excellent track record with crisp 1080P video, a wide-angle glass lens, three hours of free cloud storage, and decent connectivity with Nest’s suite of products. If you’re seeking to shore up your home security, the company’s outside cam should be on your list.


This post takes a look back at some of the best gadgets and smart home technology from 2016. We saw Google, Samsung, Roku, and others make significant contributions. Here are some latest gadgets from 2016 for your home.

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