The Costliest Gadgets For The Ultra-Rich

The Costliest Gadgets For The Ultra-Rich

If you ever bought a gadget and thought it was expensive, think again. Because, while some are expensive, there are also some that are entirely off the charts. Moreover, ever since technology became an integral part of our lives, these devices have been out there. Although some of the most expensive gadgets have some utility, others are just overpriced versions of regular ones. Therefore, let’s begin our quest to find out how costly some devices can get.

Hasselblad H4D Gadgets

The Hasselblad H4D takes DSLR technology to a new level. It has a “True Focus” feature that focusses on the subject almost instantly. Moreover, its superior image quality can make even the worst photos look like professional shots.

Also, priced at a hefty $32,000, it can burn holes into the pockets of regular buyers.

However, for the extremely rich who like to show-off on social media, it is an entirely different story.

The Costliest Gadgets For The Ultra-Rich
The Costliest Gadgets For The Ultra-Rich

Gold iPad Supreme

Looking at the price at which select edition iPads sell, this one is relatively cheaper. Remember, we said, “relatively.” The Gold iPad Supreme is one of the exclusive gadgets from Apple and comes for $190,000. This device’s back panel and bezel are made of  2.1kg, 22-carat gold. Moreover, the Apple logo at the back features 53, 22-carat diamonds.

Furthermore, it indeed is a rare gadget with only ten units made to date.

Personal Submarine Gadgets

We have something for all the James Bond fans out there. Also, it is for those who expect something more from their car. Welcome the Personal Submarine. It is an underwater craft styled like a sports car. Additionally, it can stay up to three hours below the surface in addition to going 80mph on land. Although how you use your submarine is up to you, it comes at the price of a supercar at $2 million.

Moreover, it is electric. Therefore, you will need to charge it for four hours before taking it out for a spin.

The Costliest Gadgets For The Ultra-Rich
The Costliest Gadgets For The Ultra-Rich

Water Jet Massager

Water Jet Massager is one of the perfect gadgets for those who are rich and work hard every day. Despite the name, this massager can give you a refreshing full-body massage without getting you wet. It uses stimulating streams of water and 28 water nozzles to deliver an unforgettable experience. Moreover, it has a seven inch LCD with a DVD player to keep you entertained for long.

Lastly, you can get this capsule-shaped massager for $30,000, making it one of the significantly expensive gadgets.

Nintendo Wii Supreme

The Nintendo Wii was our childhood best friend. Although discontinued now, it was an essential part of our lives. However, ultra-rich gamers can still buy a brand new “Supreme” version to prove their love for this machine. With only three units in the market, it costs a surprising, $497,300.

It weighs a little over 2.5kg and has a 22-carat gold construction. Moreover, it’s front buttons feature diamonds weighing a total of 19 carats.

Lastly, it will astonish you that each of these gadgets takes around six months to craft, which justifies its price.

So, these were some devices that only the extremely rich can buy. However, owning any one of these is a different kind of experience.

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