The Handiest Gadgets For Men - The Handiest Gadgets For Men -

The Handiest Gadgets For Men

The Handiest Gadgets For Men

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. So are gadgets and electronic accessories. Men, especially, are fanatics when it comes to buying the latest iPhone or the most powerful PC. Who doesn’t want devices in today’s time? From smartphones to speaker systems, we men always find an excuse for upgrades. Whether you are a gamer and like to use gadgets indoors, or you want camera drones, we’ve got your back. So, here is a collection of the handiest gadgets for men that will bring out the tech freak in you!

Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool

The Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool is for those who are hungry for adventure. This gadget will handle all your outdoor needs, and you can save on money as well as time. It has seventeen tools including scissors, wire-cutters, screwdriver, serrated knife, and much more. Furthermore, it requires only one hand to operate so; you can use it even if your other hand is busy. Priced at $170, it is a must buy. Also, its compact size helps you to carry it almost everywhere.

“Thunder” Missile Launcher

Do you feel like your neighbours are annoying the hell out of you; Or ever feel like playing some pranks on your friends? We have the perfect gadget for you. With the Missile Launcher “Thunder,” you can shoot foam missiles on to people using your computer.

The launcher connects to your computer via USB, and the setup is relatively easy. After that, aim and shoot!

The Handiest Gadgets For Men
The Handiest Gadgets For Men

Segway MiniPRO

The best way to commute to work would be by using the Segway MiniPRO. They are the most advanced two-wheel scooters available in the market. Also, they are packed with many safety features. Moreover, a smartphone app is all you need to control your direction, speed, LED lights, and alarms.

Furthermore, the MiniPRO will not go above 7km/h before you complete the New Rider Tutorial. It is because of features like these that the MiniPRO is one of the best gadgets for men.

Leap Motion Gadgets For Men

Want to feel like you own JARVIS? Bring home the Leap Motion. It is one of those gadgets for men, using which, you can control your computer with motions.

Being a step above from touchscreens, you can use hand motions such as wave, reach, grab, and point. So, can control your devices without having to touch anything.

The Handiest Gadgets For Men
The Handiest Gadgets For Men

Parrot 2.0 Quadricopter Gadgets For Men

The Parrot AR 2.0 Quadricopter is a remote drone controlled by your tablet or smartphone. It is for those who are into drone photography. However, almost anyone can enjoy it because of its easy-to-use interface. Moreover, it consists of four 28,500rpm motors on all its separate hulls and a 720p HD camera. Also, if you want to do something naughty, mount some lasers, and fly it in your neighbourhood at night.

So, these were the coolest gadgets for men of 2019. While some of them are very useful, others can be used just for fun. However, no matter their utility, they are essential to their owners

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