Top 3 Google Latest Gadgets For Home And Office

Google Latest Gadgets

Google is one of the leading tech brands all over the world that always comes up with new gadgets. They design their products so skillfully that they promise to meet all your requirements, be it safety, performance, the latest technology, or fast processors. Google is already growing very well with its incredible pixel series smartphones, and they are also planning to launch a 5G model very soon. They keep launching other amazing gadgets for many other purposes as well. You must check these google latest gadgets for your home and office.

Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell

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The Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell is a very smart and genius gadget. It is easy to install, provides top security, has a smart working process, and most importantly the design is sleek and convenient. The gadget has a wide-angle lens with night vision capabilities that will let you see outside the front door in a good resolution and wide-angle, even while away from home. It also has a built-in microphone and speaker that lets you answer the bell from anywhere around the house, the doorbell will send you alerts when someone is in the door and even recognizes family members, friends, neighbors, etc. It comes with a wired connection, just install the gadget and link it with your google home or nest.

Google Nest Wi-Fi Router

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Another latest google gadget for home is the Wi-Fi Router of Google Nest. The wi-fi router is small and convenient with a minimalist design and it is capable of covering up to 2,200 sq ft of area. It is also fast and dependable in wireless internet connections. Installing, setting up, and managing the device is very easy, you can also place it anywhere like on the wall, near your computer table, making it a great unit for home and offices. The device is capable of connecting multiple networks and devices without creating any inconvenience. You can also add the Google Nest Add On Points to cover more areas with the wi-fi network.

Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker (2nd Gen)

This cute, mini yet smart device is a great choice for your home, it’s handy and portable and needs to be plugged in a wall socket, there is a hook for it to be hung on the wall. It comes with new and improved sound with a fast responsive google assistant that will provide you the best experience. Just say “Ok Google” and ask google to play music, podcasts, hear the latest news, weather updates, search answers, set reminders and alarms, and even find your devices. The best thing is now it comes in Hindi. The google nest mini comes in a variety of colors, including coral, blue, charcoal, and grey. 


The price of the google nest mini smart speaker starts at 3,499 rupees, while the google nest wi-fi router is available for 39,999 rupees, and the google nest hello video doorbell costs 33,190 rupees. Both the google nest mini smart speakers and the wi-fi router is easily available online in India.

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