Top Five Cool Gadgets on Amazon

cool gadgets on amazon

Every so often it seems that Amazon gets a bit bored with their selection of cool gadgets, and will launch new products more frequently than their competitors. For example, just before Christmas (a time when most people are already looking for gifts), Amazon launched their latest product: the Amazon Fire Tablet. The tablet had everything that people would expect from an electronic appliance – a large, fully-working screen, a fast-charging battery, a built-in D-pad and so forth. However, instead of launching it directly into the hands of customers as a full-fledged, mainstream product, Amazon simply made it available through their Amazon Fire device store. This means that consumers can now buy the tablet and obtain all of its functions from a dedicated device.

Five Cool Gadgets on Amazon

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Another cool gadget that Amazon launched recently was the Amazon Dash Kit. This neat little addition to their smart home devices makes turning the TV on and off a whole lot easier, and also offers a host of handy functions that you may not have been able to get your hands on with your conventional TV or smartphone. The Amazon Dash Kit consists of a smartphone, a remote control and an Alexa assistant – all rolled into one sleek, smart device. What’s more, the Alexa assistant will allow you to perform a whole host of useful tasks, including controlling the Amazon Kindle, controlling your TV and audio systems, and even controlling your lighting.

So what exactly are these ultra-modern cool gadgets that are flying off the shelves? Well, the first and most obvious example is the Amazon Kindle. Long considered a little beyond the reach of’mainstream,’ the Amazon Kindle has transformed the way we think about books and reading. The revolutionary Kindle is truly versatile, allowing people to enjoy not only reading but watching movies, playing games, listening to music and using virtually all of the features of a modern computer – without the price tag. As an added bonus, the Kindle can be used as a portable media player, meaning that not only can you use it to purchase and consume books and magazines, but you’ll also be able to listen to your favourite tunes on the commute to work and play your favourite music during your nightly workouts.

But that’s not all; the Kindle isn’t the only amazing new Amazon Kindle gadget. In fact, there are now many other great Amazon Kindle products, all of which will make life a lot more fun and exciting. The first of these is the Amazon Echo. Now, instead of simply being a voice assistant, this amazing gadget can also act as your personal digital assistant. By using the same Amazon Kindle technology that powers the Kindle, the Echo can be used to make telephone calls, set reminders, play music, search the web, control your TV and audio systems, control your home entertainment system, display your bookcase and much more. So what exactly are these other gadgets that you might want to check out from Amazon?

One of the best gadgets available for the Kindle is the Amazon Tap. What is so cool about this smart phone? Well, you will be surprised to learn that this is actually just an extension of the Amazon Kindle in a different form – although it obviously still works in the same way. However, instead of viewing e-mails, browsing the web, listening to music or playing your favourite songs, you can actually “talk” to the Amazon Tap! Just say “Hello” and then sign off with a touch on the touchscreen or tap on the screen to send a message. You can then use the Amazon Tap to search the web, control your TV and audio systems, display your bookcase and much more.

However, one of the most exciting and cool gadgets on Amazon is its new fitness kit called Kindle Health. This kit provides all of the essential tools to help you get fit and stay fit. With the Kindle Health app, you’ll be able to monitor your calorie intake, track how many calories you burn with your Kindle and connect with your own personal trainer. This is a revolutionary feature that lets you take your workouts more seriously. The Amazon Kindle Health app allows you to work smarter, not harder by providing the most cutting edge information about your health.

Amazon has yet another great tech product on its hands called the Kindle LightStick. The Kindle LightStick is a really useful gadget as you can use it to easily turn your PC into a full-fledged light source for your reading enjoyment. What’s great about the Kindle LightStick is that it turns any normal computer screen into a LED screen where you can read whilst watching TV or applying make-up. If you love reading but don’t want the glare, the Kindle LightStick will be the ideal replacement for you. In addition to the bright screen, the Kindle LightStick is also extremely slim and sleek so you don’t have to worry about any sharp edges – just amazing crisp white resolution that won’t interfere with reading.

Final Words

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Finally, the last two hot gadgets on Amazon’s bestsellers are Amazon Echo and the Amazon Echo Show. If you want to take your home entertainment to the next level, then the Amazon Echo is a must-have. The Echo is a smart device, combining a high-end speaker and voice recognition software so that you never miss a call again (with the exception of traffic) and you can control everything in your home, from your lights to your thermostat, with the touch of a button. The Amazon Echo Show makes all of that possible from your TV at home, while you enjoy your favorite shows, movies, and sports across the great big screen.

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