Top Gadgets For The Security And Privacy-Conscious

Top Gadgets For The Security And Privacy-Conscious (Or The Super Paranoid!)

Privacy And Security: We are all always concerned if our data is safe online. We install anti-malware and virus protection software and applications in the hope that they will protect our gadgets and devices of viruses. But, these anti-malware and software fail sometimes. Data gets leaked and misused. Viruses eat up our tool’s productivity. So, how do we then save and protect our electronics from such harmful stuff? Read on to know of a list of gadgets which are meant for the security and privacy-conscious –

If you are over-cautious and you think that you think someone is watching you all the time, all you do, then these gadgets would interest you.

Microphone Blocker

You plug this mic lock microphone blocker in your pc or laptop or any electronic device for that matter, your system is tricked into believing that an audio device is connected to it and it thus, stops recording the external audio if it was recording any external audio.

Data Erasers

Like Startech 4 Bay Drive Eraser, Lowell Destruct Hard Drive Eraser is super reliable and handy. They help you in safely wiping off your data. These devices can wipe off about four hard drives in a go and offer you multiple methods to wipe off the data. It depends on how you like it and prefer it. Another plus is that they are effortless to use and quickly do the job.

Flash Drive Duplicator and Eraser

On the wiping protocol, you wish to use, you can use this tool to wipe off several flash drives giving a standard command. This product also offers duplicity for flash drives. It can be convenient and useful in case you are distributing flash drives for promotional purposes and want current data in all the flash drives. You can shop for these devices from amazon.

Call Blocker

Top Gadgets For The Security And Privacy-Conscious
Top Gadgets For The Security And Privacy-Conscious

The device is meant for residential telephones in case you still use them. If you are irritated by the numerous promotional calls you receive, this device will save you. It blocks unwanted calls and thus directs the calls that are relevant and important to you.

Privacy And Security: USB Port Locks

USB port locks offer a basic level of security and combat against data theft primarily. You can rest assured that there will be no data theft through the USB channel or medium with this by your side, in your system. Lindy USB port lock is one such device which is available on amazon.

Privacy And Security: Anti-Spy RF Tracker

The device is an instrumental one though it is also very tricky to use. It offers maximum user utility and boasts of features like anti-tracking, anti-sneak shot, anti-blocking, anti-listening, anti-positioning, etc. Hence, comes handy for detecting watch cameras, spy cameras, GPS trackers, pinhole cameras (wireless), even hidden bugs. It will take a little time for you to get your hands on this device, but once you know how it functions, you can sweep it across the rooms to detect stuff.

Privacy And Security: USB Data Blocker

Top Gadgets For The Security And Privacy
Top Gadgets For The Security And Privacy-Conscious

You have a habit of charging your phones and other electric devices at random public places, you know of the malware threats that your data and gadgets face. Tools like Portapow USB Data blocker help you by protecting your appliances against such harmful malware, ensuring your privacy and security.

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