Top New Gadgets for the 2021 Anniversary Event

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The first of the new gadgets to be launched by Google in the next decade will be the Google+ social platform, which will provide a platform where internet users can interact socially with their peers and friends. It is expected to launch in the second half of the 2020s. This will be the biggest social network launched by Google so far, and it will mark its first entry into the area dominated by Facebook. The chief executive of Google, Sundar Pichai, has described the platform as the next big thing in online social interaction.

An Overview

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A few months later, in the next few months, another new gadget is expected to go into the market. The Google Play mat is expected to enter the fray, having been announced at an event in May this year. This will be a highly interactive gaming device that runs on the Android operating system. It is rumoured that it will have similar features to Apple’s iPad, which already has a wide array of games. This may prove to be another very successful move by Google, which could see it rivaling the long standing apple brand, which has recently had some difficulties trying to win over the gaming industry.

Another one of the coolest new gadgets to be launched by Google during the next decade is the Google Zv-1 camera. This will be used to enable live video chat. There are rumoured to be a number of advanced accessories that will allow users to upload their own videos directly from their phones to YouTube. This would obviously be a welcome service to those millions of users who are watching their videos on a regular basis, but who do not want to have to queue for a moment of the video to load.

Top New Gadgets for Anniversary Event

In addition to these two very cool new gadgets, Google has also confirmed that two other gadgets will be launching in the next year or so. One of these gadgets is said to be called the “Google Widget”. This is said to be a small application that can be placed on your mobile device. Whenever you pick up your phone, you will be able to see what Google is offering on its app. However, it is not clear whether this will be the first application of this kind or not.

Another upcoming revolutionary smartphone gadget is called the Google smartphone called the Google Oneplus concept one. It is a lot smaller and more compact than the current smartphones. As the name suggests, it will be equipped with an integrated memory card. This will allow users to store images, text and other data that they want to use for future reference. One noticeable thing about this phone is that it comes with a water recycler, which allows users to enjoy a water free life.

The other new gadgets that will be available in Google’s second half of this decade are expected to be more intelligent and able to perform tasks on their own. One example of such a smartphone is the Google smartphone with camera. It will be equipped with artificial intelligence that will allow it to take photos, videos and stills all by itself. Another one of these gadgets is said to be called the Google smartphone with voice assistant. This will enable the user to control the speaker, play and manage alarms/orientation based on what is spoken by the user. It is also expected that Google will unveil its own smartphone operating system to run the different apps on it.

Bottom Line

The last among the list of Google gadgets for 2021 is Project Tango. This will work hand-in-hand with its gaming chair called the Google Gaming Chair. Tango is a smartphone-based virtual-reality system which will run on the Android operating system. It has the ability to recognize objects in the real world and will prompt the user to interact with it by using either their voice, their touch or their stylus. The final product of the Google smartphone-based Tango is the Project Tango Mobile Intelligence.

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