Travel Gadgets 2020: Top 5 You Must Have For Your Journey

Travel Gadgets 2020

Travel gadgets in 2020 are a new game altogether. These travel gadgets have changed the way we experience the outdoors in 2020. Humans have been travelling ever since, but with the introduction of technology, our perspective has ameliorated. The camera was once the only technology that we carried along while going for a long tour.

Soon with time, many more were added to our list. But this year, we have a lot more gadgets to help and alter our experience.

Travel Gadgets 2020: Power Bank Charger

A power bank is essential when you are outdoors. We suggest having two because if one gets over, there will be another ready. Sometimes, when you are very tired after a long day and forget to charge your power bank, having a second charger helps a lot.

Travel Gadgets 2020 to choose from
Travel Gadgets 2020: Top 5 You Must Have For Your Journey

A high-quality phone charger will keep your phone working when you reach a remote location with no battery.

Travel Gadgets 2020: Ostrich Pillow

An ostrich pillow is new to the game and is becoming increasingly popular due to its usefulness. It is superb for long-distance travelers who are troubled by things like jet lag that keep them from feeling refreshed. It has a unique design that allows you to put your head and hands inside and take a quick nap.

The high-quality material with super soft interiors creates a warm and cozy environment.

Wine Bag

The Wine bag is not necessary, but if you are a Wine lover, you will love this. This inflatable bag comes with space to keep ice so that you can serve yourself some chilled Wine on a beach. It is made from premium quality material and can even be used for storing our liquid food.

Travel Gadgets 2020: Female Urination Device

A perfect gift for your female travel partner, this will leave her in splits and impressed. This thoughtful gift will show your care and concern for her as it will help prevent coming in contact with germs and bacteria on a toilet seat. Manufactured from medical grade silicone material, it is gentle and effective.

Travel Gadgets 2020 for you
Travel Gadgets 2020: Top 5 You Must Have For Your Journey

Video Recording Sunglasses

An absolute traveler’s delight, pair of video-recording sunglasses will double your thrill as you go along, capturing memories while making them. The sunglasses have a second microphone to capture recordings and sound clips while playing them in high definition. Contrary to popular belief, this pair of sunglasses is lightweight and thin. It also protects your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.


Apart from the products listed above, there are a few other things one can carry along. A decent portable Bluetooth speaker, automated travel vacuum, and a 3-axis smartphone gimbal are some other products that will help upgrade your experience. If you are going solo, you may also like to have an inflatable water bottle that can fit into your bag with ease. So pack our bags and chase your dream of travelling the world.

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