Travel Tech Gadgets You Absolutely Need

travel tech gadgets

Travel Tech Gadgets can be one of the best ways to cut the cost of your next vacation to Asia, Europe or Australia. Here are just some of the top travel tech gadgets that are part of many families’ travel packing list, and sometimes a special discounted coupon for one of them is also included! If you do any online research at all, you will see there are so many travel gadgets that have been developed over the years. You may not want to take everything on board!

An Overview

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One example is an electronic cigarette. This is particularly useful for those who enjoy smoking but don’t like the smell associated with it. For added convenience, many of the travel tech gadgets for cigarettes now include On-The-Go charging so that your cell phone, laptop or other gadget can be plugged into the cigarette lighter and plugged in, ready to go when you arrive at your destination.

Another great example of travel tech gadgets that have come on the scene in recent years is the lightweight, smart luggage. These bags, often called “smartpacks”, are very popular for their combination of heavy duty carrying capacity and lightweight design. For a lot of people, the idea of lugging around heavy backpacks is just too much hassle, especially if they already have a lot of other luggage with them at home or in their hotel. However, these new smart luggage designs make it easy to pack light and yet pack as much as you need to travel light, whether you are flying economy or with a large international flight.

Must Have Travel Tech Gadgets

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One of the best of the travel tech gadgets that a family can invest in is an iXPAND dual drive USB type-c camera. Now you can take incredible photos even if you only have one camera with you! The iXPAND has two cameras built in so that you can take a group photo and then send each photo out by email directly from the unit. The two cameras have a high-resolution, outdoor LED flash, so you get amazing photos regardless of where you intend to take the photos. Plus, with the iXpanels’s easy and intuitive operation, you will get loads of fun using this model.

If you don’t like the idea of carrying a bulky laptop around with you, consider investing in an Amazon Kindle. While Amazon’s new Kindle is not technically considered a travel gadget, it can still be used to keep track of your flights, appointments, and text emails on the go. You can get the Kindle loaded up with thousands of books that can be downloaded from Amazon’s own Kindle Store, or you can purchase printable versions from third-party eBooks stores. There are many different kinds of readers available from Amazon, so you are sure to find one that fits your personality. The Kindle uses the popular AA battery that most electronic devices use and offers fast data transmission.

An Amazon Echo may seem like just another gadget, but it’s so much more than that. When you connect it to your home wireless network, it becomes capable of searching the web, controlling Amazon Kindle purchases, and playing music and videos. Plus, it is super easy to purchase books, pay bills, and search the Web. When you want to take a road trip, this awesome gift is sure to come in handy.

Last but certainly not least on our list of travel tech gadgets we’re going to include are the wonderful steaming hot water bottle from KitchenAid and more recently, the Thermo Karton. These two appliances have become two of the most popular water bottles on the market and are perfect for any traveler. The KitchenAid Kettles and Thermos Karton both make your travels a lot easier by producing hot water and keeping your beverages hot or cold for up to 12 hours. The convenience and efficiency of these two appliances are unmatched.

In The End

And of course, we have the must-have, iXpo USB Card Reader and the Mobileato Zune Player. An Xpo USB Card Reader allows you to transfer photos directly from your digital camera or your PC to almost any compatible device such as an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Once connected to the reader, simply press the camera or other device against the reader and take a picture. With the Mobileato Zune Player, you can play music and watch video clips right on your Zune portable media player, all wirelessly.

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