Trendy Technology Gadgets To Transform Your Life

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Some years ago, we did not think of gadgets like homemade mini projectors for your Netflix and chill, a bag with Google wearable included USB mics for your online presentations. Even though a global pandemic is going on, big brands and the people behind them are still working nonstop to make our lives a little easier day by day.

Cleanpod UVC Steriliser:

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In this pandemic situation, you would want to be protected from any kinds of germs; this is where Cleanpod UVC Steriliser will help you get rid of them. For its compact size, you can use this with only one hand. Like older UVC lamps, Cleanpod UVC Steriliser does not contain Mercury. It’s available online like any other electric appliance.

Keep Cannabis Storage:

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Cannabis is being used for medicinal and recreational purposes because of its healing properties every day. Like anybody, you wouldn’t want to share your stash with unnecessary guests or risk kids discovering it, and this is where KEEP Cannabis Storage comes to the rescue. The discreet storage box shows time and weather on the front side, but if someone else tries to open it, you will get a notification, and it requires facial recognition or an app provided with the box. Nobody could get their hands on your stash now!

Pixel Buds:

After Airpods by Apple, everyone is competing to invent a better product, and Google has done it again with Pixel Buds. While using it, you would barely feel it in your ear, yet it works wonderfully with its noise-canceling features, plus you would often forget to recharge it because of how long-lasting the battery back-up is.

Hypervolt Plus Cordless Vibration Massager:

Nowadays, getting a massage from your masseuse is not worth getting infected by Covid.

That’s where Hypervolt Plus Cordless Vibration Massager swoops in to help with its 60-watt motor to move the massager head up to 3 different styles and interchangeable heads, so you have no issues cleaning them.

Fillup By Fluid Stance:

Even in this life of work from home, people often get busy with work and end up dehydrated, facing unnecessary and terrible consequences. To help you with this, I recommend you to get a Fillup by Fluid Stance not just because I have one on my desk to help measure with my daily water intake but because it will help you stay hydrated throughout the weeks to come.

Moon Ultralight By Moon:

In this era of constant video calls for office purposes and reconnecting with your families, controlling the use of lights, hue, and brightness during video calls, Moon Ultralight By Moon helps a lot with their easy-to-use interface.

Peeps! : Glass Cleaner

Wearing glasses is pretty standard and fashionable these days, and you have to make sure to keep the glasses clean from fingerprints and dust particles of the street. This is where Peeps! Please help with a shape like tweezers; it is straightforward to clean those glasses in an instant.

Bottom Note

With these recommended products, you just cannot go wrong. All of them are available online and hundreds of YouTube tutorials for you to learn how to use a gadget more efficiently.

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